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Protection of personal integrity

The FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland is committed to a performance-oriented and respectful study, research and work environment that has due regard of the protection of personal integrity and is free from discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying. In order to exist successfully as a place of education, applied research and development, and service provision, it is essential that students, staff and continuing education participants treat each other with consideration, respect and appreciation.


A culture of awareness is required to ensure the best possible protection of personal integrity at the FHNW. Corresponding internal information and prevention activities at the university serve to raise awareness and at the same time strengthen diversity competence.

Violation of personal integrity

The personal integrity protection regulations (PDF,  167 KB, German) define discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment and specify reporting and complaint channels as well as responsibilities. If students, staff or continuing education participants experience a violation of their personal integrity, or if they observe a violation of that nature vis-à-vis another person, a multi-level advisory and intervention model is available to them.

The individuals concerned decide for themselves which level (green/yellow/red) they initiate, regardless of the severity of the violation; escalation upwards is possible and not dependent on the initial level.


Points of contact

Persons who feel that their personal integrity has been violated or observe a violation vis-à-vis another person can contact their line managers, heads of programme, etc. Employees can also consult HR officers or representatives of the MOM employee participation organisation (access for FHNW members only).

Persons of trust

Trained persons of trust (PDF, 336 KB) are available to all students, staff and continuing education participants throughout the FHNW for easy-access advice. Persons of trust are bound by a duty of confidentiality and can be chosen freely.

Other support options

In personal crisis situations

Where the threat or use of violence is involved

Threat management team (access for FHNW members only)

Details of internal services and information on the protection of academic integrity are available on the ‘FHNW Inside’ intranet (access for FHNW members only).