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Strategy and values

Our strategy, goals, values and guiding principles.

Technological progress is the central driving force behind growth in developed countries. As a centre for life sciences, Basel is heavily geared towards advanced technology and innovation. New technologies are now being applied and globalised far more quickly and broadly, making innovation cycles shorter and curbing competitive advantages.///// New technology platforms are being developed and put into practice in order to succeed in this environment.

The digital transformation trend is having a positive impact on life sciences across the board. This process does not just present opportunities, but risks too. Digitalisation plays a pioneering role in integrating various technological fields both as a driving force and as an interdisciplinary and interface technology. Important aspects for the future value chains of those active in the life sciences in Northwestern Switzerland and thus also for the School of Life Sciences include research networks, data management, data analysis and the use of data (big data), personalised medicine, the consolidation of near-patient diagnostics, point-of-care testing and therapy, the networking of production processes and the individualisation of production, the networking of medical devices with one another and with hospital systems through to the use of technology and data from consumers’ self-measurements.

This trend will be of great benefit to the School of Life Sciences in its initial and continuing education and application-based research and will allow it to develop further in every field, underpinned by its strategic approach, the necessary associated infrastructure, its efforts to pool its own strengths and competencies and its indispensable role in the centre for life sciences in Basel and Northwestern Switzerland. With its set of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral competencies, the School plays a pivotal role on the industrial and higher education scene within the centre of life sciences in Basel and Northwestern Switzerland, which itself ranks among the best worldwide. Thinking and acting as entrepreneurs plays a part in our School's culture.

FHNW School of Life Sciences

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Life Sciences Hofackerstrasse 30 CH - 4132 Muttenz
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