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Pharmaceutical Process Technology

Pharmaceutical substances can be prepared in different forms: liquids, such as injection solutions or syrups, semi-solid, such as creams, gels or pastes and solid like tablets, pills or in suspensions. The preparation method influences where and how quickly a drug is absorbed by the body and starts to work.


In the three rooms of the Pharmaceutical Process Technology department assigned to the PTC, the focus is on the safe production of solid dosage forms using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Available process steps range from grinding, mixing, granulating, compression and coating to freeze-drying, extrusion and spray-drying. The result is powders, granules, tablets, lozenges, capsules and suspensions that can be filled into blister packs, vials or ampoules. Even the ambient humidity can be reduced for certain production steps.

Hygiene during individual process steps is ensured by eleven containments (RABS – restricted access barrier systems) with controlled, low-turbulence airflow. Each area has closed air circulation with pre- and main filters and some can be used closed with glove access avoiding exposure to pharmaceutical substances which might affect or endanger health. Hence, modern manufacturing processes for solid dosage forms can be developed and optimized under safe, professional conditions. Along with the flexibility of the infrastructure, this offers outstanding opportunities for application-oriented research with industrial partners. In addition, FHNW students use the facilities to learn the practical fundamentals of pharmaceutical technology and process engineering.



  • 11 RABS (Restricted Access Barrier Systems)
  • Ventilation systems with H9 and H14 filters, operated in negative pressure
  • Mobile sinks and waste liquid tanks
  • Special workbenches with ventilation ducts
  • Dry grinding machines
  • Wet grinding (Nanomilling)
  • Mixers
  • Fluid bed granulators
  • Tablet presses
  • Coaters
  • Weighing Isolator
  • Extrusion line (18mm twin screw)
  • Spray dryer
  • Lyophilizator

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