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Project Management and Systems Engineering

Use of agile and classic project management and project controlling methods based on systems engineering.

Application and further development of practice-oriented, interdisciplinary methods for the handling of internal and inter-company projects, such as restructuring of company organization and business processes, development and launch of new products, manufacturing, production and logistics projects, introduction of new IT systems and public administration projects.

The recommendations for a professional and successful project management are based on a method catalog, which includes the classical planning processes in terms of content, deadline, costs and the management and controlling of projects as well as agile project management methods.

Successful project management requires creativity combined with systematic implementation methodology. The problem-solving methodology "Systems Engineering" fulfills this requirement for a high-quality, methodically secured approach by working with a structured and timed sequence of creativity and analysis phases.


Prof. Dr. Björn Klocke
Prof. Dr. Björn Klocke

Head of FHNW Institute of Business Engineering

Telephone +41 56 202 73 45 (direct)