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Power Electronics and Drives

We develop, test, and optimize power electronic components and systems.

We investigate issues at various levels (from semiconductors, magnetic materials up to system level). We extensively use simulations, develop innovative control and measurement techniques, and deliver tailor-made solutions that work efficiently and reliably.

Discover our range of tests in the field of power semiconductors and power electronics.

Our testing services

Our competences

We use different design and simulation tools for developing power electronic converters. Our expertise in control, embedded software, reliability, and electromagnetics results in a holistic approach, and ensures an optimal design. We construct prototypes that can be tested extensively in our labs.

  • Hardware dimensioning and construction of tailor-made prototypes
  • Electromagnetic design and optimization with simulations
  • Investigation of control methods and their implementation in hardware and software (microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA)
  • Reliability optimization at the system level through design and monitoring
  • Investigation of line interference issues of line-side converters.


Prof. Dr. Ishan Pendharkar
Prof. Dr. Ishan Pendharkar

Lecturer for control systems and power electronics

Telephone +41 56 202 82 08 (direct)


New semiconductor materials like Silicon Carbide (SiC) are currently receiving significant industrial attention. We specialize in reliability investigations of semiconductors (including SiC) at the module level.

  • Analysis and optimization via simulations and testing
  • Power cycle tests (from a few Amps. to Kilo amps.) for determining life expectancy
  • Monitoring methods for electrical and thermal operating parameters
  • Algorithms for online monitoring of ageing during operation


Left: silicon carbide-MOSFET-module. Right: infrared image of a semiconductor module in operation.


Prof. Dr. Nicola Schulz
Prof. Dr. Nicola Schulz

Lecturer for Electric Power Systems

Telephone +41 56 202 75 73 (direct)


Inductive components like chokes and transformers play a vital role in power electronics. We develop field simulations, test magnetic cores, and thus contribute to the development of compact and efficient drives.

  • Measurement of magnetic parameters of inductive components
  • Field simulations of components and electrical machines
  • Test setup for determining iron losses of magnetic cores with different signal forms


Electromagnetic design and simulation of magnetic components.


Prof. Dr. Nicola Schulz
Prof. Dr. Nicola Schulz

Lecturer for Electric Power Systems

Telephone +41 56 202 75 73 (direct)

Reference Projects

Stromquelle für hohe Ausgangsströme

to Stromquelle für hohe Ausgangsströme


to SwiSS-Transformer

Simulationsgestützte Leistungs-Optimierung von IGCT (Thyristor)

to Simulationsgestützte Leistungs-Optimierung von IGCT (Thyristor)