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Measurement technology

Use of active/passive optical methods including spectroscopic laser measurement

Optical measuring techniques offer the advantage that the process or variables to be investigated are not influenced because of the “contactless” approach.

Experimental applications range from the examination of flows (structures, speeds, turbulence) and injection processes (sprays: drop size distribution, spatial distribution and speeds) through to combustion diagnosis (ignition, flame distribution). A number of measuring facilities are available for this purpose (e.g. wind tunnel, water channel, open jet test bench, a variety of atmospheric/high pressure combustion test rigs, diesel engine test bed, etc.) and the relevant equipment (laser, optical components, etc.). It is also possible to achieve a two-dimensional image-based capture in high spatial and temporal resolution (high-speed cameras in the kHz range).


Dr. Dario Wüthrich
Dr. Dario Wüthrich

Research Associate, Responsible for Optical Measurement

Telephone +41 56 202 72 56 (direct)