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Euclid Space Telescope – dark energy and dark matter

A software infrastructure that enables efficient and robust pipeline processing of the vast amount of data in distributed processing sites.

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Euclid is a space telescope for observing the acceleration of the Universe to better understand dark energy and dark matter. Data will be collected in the darkest area of the sky, free of contamination by light from our Galaxy and our Solar System. Euclid will observe about ten billions of light sources. The complete survey represents hundreds of thousands of images and several tens of Petabytes of data. The big data challenge will consist of efficiently managing and processing the vast amount of data in a distributed ground segment architecture with ten data centres distributed around the world.


Execution FHNW Institute for Data Science
Duration sind 2012
Funding European Space Agency, Prodex
Project Lead
Prof. Dr. Martin Melchior


Prof. Dr. Martin Melchior
Prof. Dr. Martin Melchior

Deputy Head of the FHNW Institute for Data Science

Telephone +41 56 202 77 07 (direct)