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Functional surfaces from UV LED cured coatings

In the problem lies the solution for better functional coatings.

Antifogging Bild ReLaFun bearbeitet_1.png

ReLaFun coated films over water vapour - right with antifogging effect.


Coatings, UV LED, functionalisation


The sticky layer that remains after curing a coating with UV LED is used in a new process to produce functional surfaces.

Initial situation

UV LEDs are much more ecological, durable, and energy-efficient than conventional UV lamps and are therefore increasingly used for coatings. However, UV LED cured coatings often have a sticky, not fully cured layer on the surface. This disadvantage of UV LED curing also has a positive aspect. The sticky layer still contains numerous reactive groups that are available for functionalising the coating on the surface.


Together with RadLab AG we developed a process to equip UV LED cured coatings with anti-fogging functionality or scratch resistance. Due to the reactive groups in the adhesive layer, the functionalisation is chemically bonded and thus shows much better adhesion than when applied directly to the substrate. Thus, previously incompatible combinations of functional coatings and substrates are also possible, making the choice of functionality almost unlimited.

Project information

ClientRadLab AG (Mitglied der Rahn Gruppe)
Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology FHNW
FundingAargauer Forschungsfonds´╗┐
Project team
Marianne Wink, Sonja Neuhaus (Projektleitung)