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Tool concept development for large-scale microstructure moulding

Researchers at the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland are helping Temicon to develop an industrial moulding tool.



Microstructure moulding, Variotherm tool, industrial replication


Concept development for a Variotherm tool suitable for industry use for the replication of large-scale microstructures.


Based in Dortmund, Germany, Temicon GmbH is a leading manufacturer of nickel shims for structural moulding. As part of the strategic development of Temicon, a production unit for injection moulding is to be constructed in order to expand the range of products available.


To achieve this, the research team developed tool concepts based on its extensive amount of experience in the field of injection moulding, evaluated different processes for Variotherm temperature control, carried out well-grounded process validations for selected microstructures and helped Temicon with its search for a suitable mould maker. FOBOHA Advaltech was charged with creating the tool. Temicon is now producing its first series components for the automotive industry and has already established itself on the market.

Project information

Client Temicon GmbH
Implementation FHNW Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology
Project team Per Magnus Kristiansen (management), Christian Rytka, Urs Bruggisser, Sebastian Wollmann