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Inquiry by Design

Workshop Inquiry by Design at the Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE)

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8 July 2024
1 week
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Mon, 10.6.2024
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CHF 900.– (view fees)
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Online Applicatiob

Visual Communication is at the center of conceiving images for daily life. They influence our perception of the world by creating emotive imagery for communication, informational design or scientific visualizations. Especially in today’s world of global communication channels, we need to know more about how images are perceived in order to create and disseminate them consciously and conscientiously. This field of Design Research focuses on the acquisition of knowledge in the wide field of iconic phenomena. Academic disciplines such as Art History, Linguistics, Psychology and Anthropology have described the need for a scientific approach to images. Most academic centers focus on research questions with a theoretical methodology. In contrast, the approach of “Practice-led Iconic Research* ” is focusing on the generation of knowledge through a practice based methodology. The workshop “Inquiry by Design” introduces participants to the practice based issues of iconic research in the area of Visual Communication. At the beginning, the workshop focuses on the formulation of an iconic research question and a practical methodology of exploration and inquiry by design. During the week participants create a portfolio of images, which explore a design strategy in finding exemplary visual answers. The workshop is for designers or educators who are involved in the practice of communication design and the reflection upon visual communication for today’s world.

*Renner M., et al. : Practice-led Iconic Research, Visible Language, the journal of visual communication research, 51.3/52.1. Dezember 2017/April 2018, Cincinnati.

Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE)

Through digital media and the democratisation of communication channels that goes hand in hand with it, the critical handling of their visual and interaction-based design has become decisively more important, because the social relevance of information and communication has thus fundamentally changed.


Dreispitz Basel

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Basel Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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