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The FHNW Academy of Music has an extensive range of courses for musicians in search of a new challenge.

The FHNW Academy of Music is a centre of expertise in undergraduate, postgraduate and further education in the fields of music and music pedagogy. It offers an extensive choice of courses for graduates/qualified professional musicians, instrumentalists and vocalists.
The courses, certificate programmes and symposia are closely matched to the requirements of current professional practice. Professional, practical insights and experience are placed in the context of reflection, theory and current research projects. This makes it possible to exploit synergies within the Musik-Akademie Basel campus, i.e. between the institutes, which in turn fosters new connections between musical artists and music educators.
The further education programmes and courses offered by the FHNW Academy of Music are all part-time. Most are geared towards instrumental and vocal teachers with career experience.

Further Education Music

The programme range covers:

Music Performance

to Music Performance

Music Pedagogy

to Music Pedagogy

Music and New Media

to Music and New Media


to Jazz

Structure of the further education courses

Day courses 1 CP
Multi-part courses 2-3 CP
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) 12 CP
Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

30 CP
Exam module 6 CP
CAS Develop 12 CP
CAS Basis 12 CP

  • Generally speaking, further education courses and programmes comprise between 8 and 20 lessons and are offered different types of time intervals.
  • The Certificate of Advanced Studies programmes are usually spread over two semesters.
  • The Diploma of Advanced Studies programmes are spread over four semesters and comprise CAS1 and CAS2 modules, as well as an exam module. A CAS1 module may also be taken on its own.

Head of Further Education

Beat Hofstetter Head BA and MA Music in schools I and II MA Specialised Performance Choral conducting and Wind orchestra conducting Head of Further Education. Telephone : +41 61 264 57 36 E-Mail :

Musikhochschulen FHNW

Campus Musik-Akademie Basel Leonhardstrasse 6 4009 Basel
+41 61 264 57 57
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