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Music - Continuing Education

The FHNW Academy of Music has an extensive range of courses for musicians in search of a new challenge.

Further Education Music

The programme range covers:

Structure of the further education courses

Day courses 1 CP
Multi-part courses 2-3 CP
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) 12 CP
Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

30 CP
Exam module 6 CP
CAS Develop 12 CP
CAS Basis 12 CP

  • Generally speaking, further education courses and programmes comprise between 8 and 20 lessons and are offered different types of time intervals.
  • The Certificate of Advanced Studies programmes are usually spread over two semesters.
  • The Diploma of Advanced Studies programmes are spread over four semesters and comprise CAS1 and CAS2 modules, as well as an exam module. A CAS1 module may also be taken on its own.


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