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Bachelor of Arts

In the fields of Art and Design, a BA degree qualifies you to take up professional work. The BA course normally takes three years and is completed with the Bachelor of Arts degree in the respective subject field. All Bachelor programmes are assigned to specific institutes.

Fine Arts

In the studio, in project work and in the context of exhibitions students gradually develop their own artistic language and handwriting. The study course ...

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Industrial Design

Create impact on life and experience in an ever-changing society by becoming an industrial designer. Aesthetics, utility, materiality, emotional impact, ...

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Interior Architecture and Scenography

Transforming into a CO2-neutral world without fossil fuels and cultivating a sense of responsibility are significant tasks for design: one of them is to ...

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Fashion Design

‘Doing Fashion’ is a culture and fashion design is a cultural practice. Fashion is a global and social system that produces paradoxes that we cannot always ...

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Process Design at HyperWerk

As designers, we shape the world: from formulating a thought to managing our relationships to building our organisational structures – everything in our world ...

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Arts and Design Education

You want to work in arts and design – and with people? The Bachelor's program Art and Design Education at IADE enables you to do so and provides you with a ...

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Visual Communication and Digital Spaces

As digitalisation advances and visual communication becomes simplified, dealing critically with images has again gained in importance. In the Visual ...

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Study guide 2024/2025 (german)

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Dreispitz Basel

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