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Bachelor of Arts

In the fields of Art and Design, a BA degree qualifies you to take up professional work. The BA course normally takes three years and is completed with the Bachelor of Arts degree in the respective subject field. All Bachelor programmes are assigned to specific institutes.

Fine Arts

In the studio, in project work and in the context of exhibitions students gradually develop their own artistic language and handwriting. The study course ...

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Product and Industrial Design

Create impact on life and experience in an ever-changing society by becoming an industrial designer.

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Interior Design and Scenography

Bringing spaces to talk. In interior design and scenography we engage with all aspects of space, always with a focus on us as human beings.

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Study Fashion Design

In keeping with the leitmotif “Doing Fashion”, the BA programme Fashion Design is all about living the practice of design conjointly with an ongoing reflection ...

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Process Design / HyperWerk

At the HyperWerk Institute design is understood and taught as a procedural strategy with the capacity to impact on our lifeworld.

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Art and Design Education

The BA programme focuses on providing a broad field of competences serving as a foundation for teaching in art and design.

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Visual Communication

The BA course at the Institute of Visual Communication offers a practice-based and scientifically grounded training that merges the artisanal and artistic ...

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Study guide 2020/21 (german)

Download Study guide as PDF.

Dreispitz Basel

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