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Art and Design

At the FHNW Academy of Art and Design you can choose from seven Bachelor and four Master degree courses in your respective field of study. We pave the way to your individual artistic or design-based authorship and lay the foundations to a successful career.

Design, art, digital and analogue media define our life world evermore. Designers and artists help to shape cultural developments and advance new visions of society. In view of the many challenges we as a society face today, graduates of art and design academies can play a significant role.

Studying at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design will enable you to help shape the future, for instance, by realizing aesthetic experiments that challenge the public’s mode of perception, by redefining user behaviour through new artefact designs, or by establishing your own start-up company with a dynamic business model.

Bachelor of Arts

Fine Arts

In the studio, in project work and in the context of exhibitions students gradually develop their own artistic language and handwriting. The study course ...

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Product and Industrial Design

Create impact on life and experience in an ever-changing society by becoming an industrial designer.

to Product and Industrial Design

Interior Design and Scenography

Bringing spaces to talk. In interior design and scenography we engage with all aspects of space, always with a focus on us as human beings.

to Interior Design and Scenography

Study Fashion Design

In keeping with the leitmotif *Doing Fashion, the Bachelor programme Fashion Design lives and reflects on the practice of design and contemporary everyday ...

to Study Fashion Design

Process Design / HyperWerk

At the HyperWerk Institute design is understood and taught as a procedural strategy with the capacity to impact on our lifeworld.

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Art and Design Education

The BA programme focuses on providing a broad field of competences serving as a foundation for teaching in art and design.

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Visual Communication

The BA course at the Institute of Visual Communication offers a practice-based and scientifically grounded training that merges the artisanal and artistic ...

to Visual Communication

Master of Arts

Design | Masterstudio

The challenges of the modern lifeworld have become to complex to be mastered by single disciplines which is why the Masterstudio applies an integrative concept ...

to Design | Masterstudio

Fine Arts

The MA programme focuses on an in-depth examination of the students’ artistic practice. By means of reflection they advance their practice and relate it to the ...

to Fine Arts

Art and Design Education

The four-semester Master course leads to a teaching diploma for Secondary Schools II (Matura) and qualifies graduates to work for art institutions in arts and ...

to Art and Design Education

Visual Communication and Iconic Research

The MA programme merges practice-led design with aspects of iconic and media theory along with iconic and media research.

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Our Degree Programmes

We support you on this venture: seven Bachelor and four Master degree courses in art, design, art and design education and research open the door to a wide range of creative activity fields. Apart from a sound training and comprehensive support through lecturers, teachers and external experts, studying at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design provides the opportunity of forging networks with researchers from other disciplines and allows you to engage with project partners in concrete assignments.

Your place of study: Campus of the Arts Basel

The Campus of the Arts in Basel provides a study location where all the courses and subject fields come together. Here you have access to your personal workplace and the shared ateliers 365 days a year. In the Campus’ immediate vicinity there are numerous exhibition venues such as Kunsthaus Baselland, Schaulager or HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) as well as diverse companies and freelancers engaged in the local culture and creative industries. In other words: an ideal environment for successful and stimulating studies and an inspiring exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Dreispitz Basel

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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