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Process Design BA at HyperWerk

HyperWerk is an opportunity space for new and unexpected design solutions. Based at the Institute for Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM), HyperWerk provides the underpinning for the degree programme Process Design and acts as a seismograph for the often still feeble signs of societal change. Furthermore, HyperWerk functions as a seedbed for transdisciplinary project work by and with students, staff, and external specialists. Whether in connection with debates on justice, conflicts on sustainability issues, participation, nutrition, digitalization, migration, or social care: When dealing with the issue of “living together”, we understand liberty as a form of consenting dependency. In this context, it is of primary importance that relationship modes are the subject of ongoing examination, while also being actively supported, encouraged, and modelled. The people at HyperWerk see in diligent process design a potential for creating a sustainable present and liveable future, without downplaying the challenges. What they aim for are new explorative forms of education that require as well as encourage complex processes and collaborative ways of working, in the expectation that they lead to decentralized and fluid networks, collectives, and communities joined by interdependency. HyperWerk is and remains a learning lab that answers to current developments by means of flexible test arrangements and strives to enhance its own methods by way of experimentation.

Key data

Bachelor of Arts FHNW
ECTS points
Start of semester
September (week 38)
Next start
Mon. 19.09.2022 | Autumn Semester
Final application date
Feb 15, 2022
Studying mode
6 Semester
Teaching language
German (B2)
Stay abroad
Application fee
CHF 100 (registration fee); CHF 200 (matriculation fee due to commitment)
Semester fee
CHF 700 (CH); CHF 1.000 (EU); CHF 5.000 (Not-EU/EFTA)


Thank you for your interest. The application deadline for a bachelor's degree program beginning in the fall semester 2022/23 is February 15,2022. The next application window for the fall semester 2023/24 opens on November 1, 2022.

Here you will find answers to FAQs regarding the online registration.

Process Design

“How can we live together?” This is the question behind all the projects and discourses at HyperWerk and the study of Process Design. The “we” includes human as well as all non-human actors in our shared lifeworld. In addition, this “we” is subject to constant scrutiny. What values and norms are invoked and how are these related to one's own viewpoint and the realities of life? Reflecting on one’s own prejudices with regard to design practices and coming to terms with one’s own privileges are prerequisite to non-discriminatory design processes.

Students at HyperWerk must learn how to deal with freedom. Self-organization and initiative constitute active ingredients in the programme. On their personal learning path, students are asked to develop their own organizational and reflective strategies and practise their hand at various documentation, presentation, and visualization techniques – from texts and illustrations to photography and film to virtual reality to multimedia and experimental formats. They learn from ongoing debates, and experiment with design in projects they draw up themselves. Design is focussed on the spatial and temporal alignment of social relations in a post-industrial society. The students analyse social transformations, traditional crafts, and new technologies, making prototypical use of the opportunities that emerge. They are encouraged to generate exemplary responses, speculative models, radical proposals and convincing alternatives in a rapidly changing world. They develop expert negotiation and decision-making skills in support of their personal potential. They select from the wide range of workshops on offer in accordance with their individual aims. In the process, they are supported through regular mentoring.

Aims and Objectives

What are my talents? How and where can I put my potential into effect? How do you go for the Big with little means? How do I phrase an open, relevant and solvable question and find partners with the aim of providing a joint answer? How do I develop a question, rephrase it into a concept and then build a project out of it? And how does one structure, implement and monitor such a project? What makes a good story and how do I tell it to the audience I wish to reach? How do I achieve my goal with the means of postindustrial design? How do I think and act sustainably, credibly and as an entrepreneur? How can I be innovative and am I resilient enough?

At the HyperWerk Institute these are just some of the questions you ask yourself and seek answers to. You also learn and practise how to formulate your hypotheses on design process in interdisciplinary teams and get the chance to test them during your studies in projects of your own and on real assignments with real project partners. You gain increasing confidence to present your themes and concerns publicly at fairs, shows and conferences and get the chance to improve, even perfect your writing style in publications issued by the Institute and other institutions.

Target Audience

The ability to think and work in a diversity-conscious and norm-critical manner requires an awareness for the reigning power structures, privileges, and discriminatory practices. This is a key aspect for answering the question “How can we live together?” – and thus also “How can we design?”. HyperWerkers approach such questions with the necessary degree of openness. They are committed and assume a high degree of personal responsibility. They are not afraid of creative freedom, and work on their own just as well as they do in a team. The range of topics reaches from inclusion, representation, language and communication, to urban development, sustainability, climate change and growth, to digital culture, robotics, cyber feminism, and artificial intelligence.

Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM)

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Prozess Design (BA) at HyperWerk IXDM

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