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Master of Arts

The MA programmes at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design set out from a defined artistic position and design-related experience, respectively, on the part of the student.

In the course of their MA studies students broaden and deepen their knowledge in art and design, respectively, and extend and contextualize their methodological skills so that, upon attaining their degree, they meet the qualifications of contemporary research practice and reflection.

The programme moves between experiment, research, theory and critical self-reflection. The teachers support the students in their project work and provide insight into the complex system of production and reception in contemporary art and design. In a professional environment and within a deliberately undefined framework, the students learn to translate ideas into aesthetic formulations independently.

 The MA course normally takes two years and is completed with a Master of Arts degree.

Design | Masterstudio

The challenges of the modern lifeworld have become to complex to be mastered by single disciplines which is why the Masterstudio applies an integrative concept ...

to Design | Masterstudio

Fine Arts

The MA programme focuses on an in-depth examination of the students’ artistic practice. By means of reflection they advance their practice and relate it to the ...

to Fine Arts

Art and Design Education

The four-semester Master course leads to a teaching diploma for Secondary Schools II (Matura) and qualifies graduates to work for art institutions in arts and ...

to Art and Design Education

Visual Communication and Iconic Research

The MA programme merges practice-led design with aspects of iconic and media theory along with iconic and media research.

to Visual Communication and Iconic Research

Study guide

The study guide provides all the information you need about the FHNW Academy of Art and Design: the courses on offer, detailed descriptions of the course contents, enrolment conditions, admission procedures. Download a PDF version of the Study Guide here.

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Admission, application and aptitude assessment

Here you will find everything you need to know about the enrolment process at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design.

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