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Fine Arts

The MA programme focuses on an in-depth examination of the students’ artistic practice. By means of reflection they advance their practice and relate it to the current as well as historical art context.

The programme ranges between experiment, research, theory and critical self-reflection.

The MA courses come in the shape of seminars, symposia and workshops conducted in blocks. The core aspect of your studies involves the artistic engagement and examination in an ongoing discourse with your mentors and external art experts. The Master programme helps you to develop your own aesthetic position. You enlarge upon the basics learnt in the BA course, extend them by means of reflection and relate them to the historical and current art context.

Master of Arts FHNW in Fine Arts programme is conducted in close cooperation with the Bern University of the Arts.

The two MA course comprises the sphere of the self (studio), the collective dimension (seminars and symposia) and the field of monitoring (one-on-one talks and plenary discussions). The studies’ contents, media and intellectual approaches are designed to advance your sense of self-responsibility.

Aims and objectives

In four modules the MA Fine Arts programme provides space for you to develop and deepen your artistic competence, conceptually, methodologically, theoretically and practically. The focus is on enhancing your creative abilities, in terms of content as well as form, along with gaining competence in art theory, scientific work methods, research and project management.

You acquire: Creative competence: openness for experiments, the ability to assess innovation and express it artistically. Aesthetic competence: the ability to reflect on one’s own artistic means, developing sensitivity and expressiveness in the search for an independent artistic position. Methodological competence: project-oriented mode of thought and work, the ability to translate an idea into a research method, finding a balance between experiment and conception.

Target audience

We expect of our students a high degree of curiosity and a willingness to develop an enhanced sense of what they themselves create and what others bring into being. Prerequisite is the ability to think differently. We expect from students to be able to comprehend modes of thought different to their own. The Institute of Art appreciates students who feel drawn to the unknown and who wish to join the debates on creating art.

Finding one’s own voice takes time. The Institute of Art is willing to support you on this journey when and wherever it can. Studying art offers no clear-cut answers but it can you help find and formulate the right questions. We want you to understand that these questions – the questions of art – lead a public life.

Information on program contents

Organizational matters

Institute of Art

Art is a speculative praxis that links materials and ideas and perceptions of information and knowledge, and questions individual handling and social interaction.


Dreispitz Basel

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Institute of Art

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