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Fine Arts

In the studio, in project work and in the context of exhibitions students gradually develop their own artistic language and handwriting. The study course demands a high degree of self-initiative.

Studying art means becoming familiar with art. Artists are pioneers who seek to link up apparently disparate worlds in new ways and by new means. They redefine the language of traditional media, materials and technologies by creating artworks, developing concepts, writing essays, exploring archives and choreographing bodies in space. Artists are captivated by the never-ending task of experiencing and representing what we call reality in new ways.

Aims and objectives

The three-year Bachelor course introduces you to issues of current-day art practice and helps you to develop your own work approach. It is not a training in art history; instead you gather experience and are confronted with a wide array of ideas, forms, media, materials and questions relating to matters such as individuality. Apart from working in the studio, group discussions with other students and lecturers form a core of the course. On a regular basis artists and art theoreticians from Switzerland and abroad are invited as visiting scholars to support you in your studies. In the three-year BA course you acquire technical skills and expand your knowledge concerning the questions and topics that drive today’s art practice.

Target audience

We expect of our students a high degree of curiosity and a willingness to develop an enhanced sense of what they themselves create and what others bring into being. Prerequisite is the ability to think differently. We expect from students to be able to comprehend modes of thought different to their own. The Institute of Art appreciates students who feel drawn to the unknown and who wish to join the debates on creating art.
Finding one’s own voice takes time. The Institute of Art is willing to support you on this journey when and wherever it can. Studying art offers no clear-cut answers but it can you help find and formulate the right questions. We want you to understand that these questions – the questions of art – lead a public life.

Information on programme contents

Organizational matters

Institute of Art

Art is a speculative practice that marries materials and ideas and examines understandings of information and knowledge along with individual modes of action and social interaction.


Institute of Art

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design, Institute of Art, Building: A 1.10 Oslo-Strasse 3 CH - 4142 Münchenstein near Basel

Dreispitz Basel

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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