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CoCreate is the university-wide teaching programme encompassing all bachelor’s study programmes. In the roughly 140 courses of the CoCreate programme each year, students work collaboratively, experimentally and interdisciplinarily in groups. Representatives of all study programmes and students take part in the development of teaching content and formats.


What contribution can art and design make when the goal is to design the future? CoCreate responds to this question by teaching discourse framing and future skills such as sensemaking, the ability to cooperate, self-efficacy or digital literacy. CoCreate focuses on open-ended, interdisciplinary and experimental working methods. It taps into socially relevant topics, opens doors to other study programmes and universities, and in doing so fosters future skills.


At the start of and part-way through each semester, students work for one week in CoCreate. Several CoCreate weeks focus on specific themes, while others offer a broad spectrum of topics and skills.

CoCreate is an obligatory elective programme. Students choose either two ‘small’ (worth 1 ECTS credit each) or one ‘big’ course (worth 2 ECTS credits each) from a range of options according to their needs. In addition, CoCreate offers a weekly lecture programme with discussion formats from which two ‘small’ (=1 ECTS credits each) or one ‘big’ (=2 ECTS credits) lecture can be chosen.

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Only second and third year students participate in the CoCreate week at the beginning of the fall semester. Sixth semester students no longer participate in the CoCreate weeks in the spring semester. Further information can be found here.

Get a Taste

Taste 1: Handwerk und Materialität

to Taste 1: Handwerk und Materialität

Taste 2: Culinary Arts

to Taste 2: Culinary Arts

Taste 3: Inklusion

to Taste 3: Inklusion

Taste 4: «Arena für einen Baum»

to Taste 4: «Arena für einen Baum»

Taste 5: «Atmosphäre, Design und Wohlbefinden»

to Taste 5: «Atmosphäre, Design und Wohlbefinden»

Taste 6: «Empower House»

to Taste 6: «Empower House»

Upcoming Key Topics

  • HS2022: CO-CREATIVE CODING I: Get Active!
  • FS2023: CO-CREATIVE CODING II: Sustain!
  • HS2023: VALUES OF FOOD: Change the Way you Taste


Prof. Dr. Nicolaj van der Meulen, Program management CoCreate


Mail: Y29jcmVhdGUuaGdrQGZobncuY2g=

Dreispitz Basel

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