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Interior Design and Scenography

Bringing spaces to talk. In interior design and scenography we engage with all aspects of space, always with a focus on us as human beings.

Key data

Bachelor of Arts FHNW
ECTS points
Start of semester
Autumn 2021
Next start
Autumn semester 2021/22 | September 2021
Final application date
Feb 15, 2021
Studying mode
6 Semester
Teaching language
German (TELC B2)
Stay abroad
Application fee
CHF 100.– (Application fee); CHF 200.– (matriculation fee due to commitment)
Semester fee
CHF 700.– (CH); CHF 1000.– (EU); CHF 5000.– (others)

Information events


The application deadline expired on 15.02.2021.

The next online application is available in October 2021.

In the BA study programme you will learn to analyse the functional interdependencies and communicative motives of internal and external spaces. You will develop temporally limited and lasting spatial transformations, make thematic contents come alive in exhibitions by means of multimedia, and learn how to conceptualize and plan site-specific and modern, state-of-the-art spatial structures within architectural contexts. Moreover, during your studies you will also acquire a sound foundation of theoretical knowledge and learn how to reflect on the experiences you make.

You will approach the design of spaces not only in studios, workshops and classroom environments but will also receive the opportunity to implement your concepts publicly and on a 1:1 scale in collaborative projects which the Institute initiates on a regular basis.

By attaining a BA degree you are qualified to enter the programme Master of Arts FHNW in Design (with specialization “Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design”). Furthermore, it opens the door to a wide range of career options. For more information see under “Career Prospects”.

Target Audience

Whether during or after your studies, you will be dealing with professionals from the fields of architecture, theatre, film, fair construction, digital media and the arts and with experts from a variety of other fields as well. Whatever the task, working as an interior designer or scenographer requires the ability to cooperate, which is why we place such emphasis on the team and communicative skills of our students and help to develop them in the course of their studies.

News, projects, publications

The Institute’s website contains information on what’s new and on projects and publications.

Information on programme contents

Module description

Organizational matters

Cooperation partners

Basel – A City of Architecture, Art and Design

Basel ranks as one of the richest cultural cities in Europe, featuring just on forty museums on merely thirty-seven square kilometres. In addition, with Art Basel the city hosts every summer one of the most renowned international art fairs. The city also has very lively theatre and music scenes and is home to a number of world famous architecture firms.

Over the last few years the Institute of Interior Design and Scenography has launched a number of student projects in collaboration with leading cultural institutions in Basel, among others with Kaserne Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel, the Canton Basel-Stadt State Archives, Kunstverein Binningen, Allgemeine Lesegesellschaft Basel, Bildrausch Film Festival, Museum Kleines Klingental, Theater Festival Basel, Historisches Museum Basel, Swiss Architecture Museum SAM, Vitra Design Museum and the Kammerorchester Basel.

In recent years, the Institute has also launched a number of cultural as well as service-related projects beyond the city boundaries, for instance, with the Solothurn Literature Days, the women’s clinic of the Cantonal Hospital Baselland, Swisscom, and the Valais Wine Association

Institute of Interior Design and Scenography

The innovative engagement with space and its impact is at the core of all concerns and activities conducted by the Institute of Interior Design and Scenography.


Institute of Interior Design and Scenography

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design, Institute of Interior Design and Scenography, Building: A.2.10 Oslo-Strasse 3 CH - 4142 Münchenstein near Basel

Dreispitz Basel

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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