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Outgoing Exchange Students

Your semester abroad

Bachelor’s students enrolled at the FHNW School of Business may (or if they are BSc IM full-time students, must) apply for one semester abroad at one of the partner universities or go abroad as free movers. The selection process to go to one of our partner universities always happens during the spring semesters (February/March), but preparation starts during the preceding autumn semesters already. To apply for an exchange place, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled to be able to participate in the selection process regulated by the International Office.

Students who wish to go abroad as free movers will follow a different application procedure. Applications for free-mover semesters need to be discussed with the programme dean and will not be processed by the International Office.

The Study Abroad Manual contains essential information concerning all aspects of studying abroad for bachelor's degree students at the FHNW School of Business.

What are the benefits of an exchange semester?

Here is a list of the 10 most important reasons to study abroad:

  1. Experience and adapt to different styles of teaching
  2. Learn to adapt to a new culture and environment
  3. Improve your language skills and/or learn a new language
  4. Increase your employment opportunities
  5. Find new interests and get new ideas
  6. Make lifelong friends and expand your network
  7. Personal development, grow your soft skills
  8. Expand your worldview, become a global citizen
  9. Boost your confidence
  10. Discover career opportunities abroad
Partner Universities

Partner universities

With 200 partner universities worldwide, the FHNW School of Business is well networked internationally. An overview of all partner universities marked with "(BSc)" for student exchange at Bachelor level can be found here.

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Where to study abroad?

Choosing the right destination and/or university to study abroad is one of the most important decisions for your personal career and development. Despite if you have preferences, you might want to do some research. We recommend looking into certain criteria like regions, countries and their culture, cities, universities, study programmes, courses, facilities, living cost, transport, or weather. Other factors that you might consider could be financial options, local language, or application requirements.

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