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Studying and working internationally

The School of Business is an international community of students from over 70 nations.

Buddy programmes, summer schools, semesters abroad and study trips offer a range of opportunities to prepare for the challenges of the modern working world in an international environment.

Our world is totally connected. Mastering management tasks requires international experience, broad-based expertise and an in-depth understanding of complex processes.  

Theo Whitwill

While studying my Bachelor in International Management I was able to gather many international experiences. This thanks to numerous offered possibilities at the FHNW School of Business such as my semester abroad in Hong Kong, the summer school in Beijing or the study trip connectUS in the US.

Theo Whitwill

Semester abroad

Students may enroll for one or two semesters abroad at one of the over 150 partner universities of the FHNW School of Business. (For certain programmes this is a requirement.) The registration process (each year in February/March) will be communicated by the School of Business; registrations follow a regulated process.

What are the benefits? Insight into other cultures and working conditions, a free language skills upgrade, new contacts and friendships and much more.

Partner Universities

Partner Universities

Exchange semester for School of Business students

Partner Universities

Virtual Exchange

The FHNW School of Business offers courses for Virtual Exchange. Virtual Exchange courses are open to students from different programmes at the School of Business, for incoming students and for students studying at a partner university of the School of Business. The courses mainly cover business topics, and range from intensive programmes (several days) to weekly semester courses.

Read more about the offer.

International student projects

Exciting projects in the ASEAN regions, China, India and the USA are carried out every year by the FHNW School of Business.

Bachelor students in their last year at the School of Business of the FHNW may apply to participate in Insight China, Focus IndiaconnectUS or exploreASEAN.

These projects are organised by a student team. They include a one-week preparation seminar in Olten (lectures, podium discussions and other events) and a two week on-site seminar in the countries visited.

A unique opportunity to meet successful managers, foreign students and leaders from a range of organisations and fast-growing businesses.

Insight China

to Insight China


to connectUS

Focus India

to Focus India


to exploreASEAN

Summer Schools and Intensive Programmes

Summer schools provide an ideal opportunity to study subjects outside the curriculum, gain more in-depth knowledge of certain subjects, build networks and add to your credit points – even if you are on a tight budget or have a full calendar. The intensive one-to-three-week programme may include trips and provides the opportunity to develop your language and intercultural competence.

BSwiss - Swiss International Business Summer School

to BSwiss - Swiss International Business Summer School

Social Entrepreneurship for Economic Development

Intensive Programme: SEED 2021 - Virtual Bootcamp

to Social Entrepreneurship for Economic Development

Summer School EAFIT Colombia – FHNW Switzerland

Entrepreneurship in a cross-cultural context

to Summer School EAFIT Colombia – FHNW Switzerland

Experience China

Experience China close up with a six-month internship in Harbin, in the Province of Heilongjiang. The School of Business runs a research centre (SSRCC) in Northeast China and facilitates market entry for Swiss SMEs. As an intern you will conduct research, market analysis and interviews and organise study trips for Swiss companies and business representatives.

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