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Art and Design

Research and Development at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW is founded on the productive exchange between art and design practice and theoretical reflection.

Design and art interrogate current structures and processes, propose alternative scenarios and with their critical and aesthetic methods underwrite social change. They operate cultural identity and develop a core of initiatives in the creative economy. Timely design processes integrate elements from the arts, commerce and technology. While, the arts support the advancement of innovative auteurs through multiple links with other practices and methods. The broad spectrum of such a knowledge-based culture is the basis for research and development at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW.

All research projects draw on the wide range of specialized disciplines and methods running through the Academy’s community. They are based on artistic-creative and media-technological practices in drafting and planning. Issues focussing on feasibility and performativity in art, design, and art and design education are cast against a background of cultural, economic and political contexts in which art and design circulate. The results of research are published in thematically relevant formats and feed into various teaching pools.

Three institutes with differing methodological foci carry the main charge for the strategic direction of the Academy’s research. The Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM) develops and realises practice-oriented research projects in the interface between design, media, the arts, science and technology. Through experimental work, analysis and critique of design and media practices, the institute deals with and underwrites digital strategies.

The analysis and critique of aesthetic standards and processes has traditionally been language based. In this context, the Institute for Aesthetic Practice and Theory goes one step further: working hand-in-hand with aesthetic reflection and aesthetic methods, it develops a new practice of critique, and so positions aesthetic practice as its own discipline. The institute reacts to current trends in art and design, and initiates research projects that explore new aesthetic practices, evaluate their social relevance and drive such practices forward. An intellectually rigorous engagement with art and design offers the basis for proposing innovative teaching models and realigns the way in which theory is approached at the Academy.

The Institute of Integrative Design directs its attention towards interdisciplinary research activity. The synthesis of competencies from the various disciplines of design, technology, cultural studies and natural sciences influences concrete, solution-oriented feasibility projects.

Our Research Office serves as a contact point for internal and external enquiries about our research activities.


Dr. Linda Ludwig
Dr. Linda Ludwig Fachstelle Forschung
Telephone : +41 61 228 40 73 (direct)
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