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The School of Engineering FHNW supports companies and institutions in their innovation projects. Our employees generate knowledge and solutions for practical applications.

Every year, around 250 new research and development projects are launched with business partners. More than 300 employees in 15 institutes generate knowledge and solutions that are made accessible for industries and markets. Our successful technology and IT research is also characterized by cooperation with national and international research partners.

An interesting form of cooperation is problem solving through student projects and diploma theses. As a company, you will also establish initial contact with your potential future employees.

Our research focus


to Automation

Business processes

to Business processes

Computer science

to Computer science

Electrical engineering

to Electrical engineering


to Energy

Environmental engineering

to Environmental engineering

Mechanical engineering

to Mechanical engineering

Micro- and nano-technology

to Micro- and nano-technology


to Optometry

Interdisciplinary centres

We pool the specialist knowledge and research expertise of our employees from several institutes into centres and make this available to our partners:

  • Casting centre
    The FHNW casting centre is the scientific port of call for the casting sector.
  • Industry 4.0
    The FHNW actively supports companies from industry and business in developing and implementing Industry 4.0 concepts or concrete applications.
  • Aerospace
    The FHNW specialises in solar physics and the analysis of big data. Furthermore, we are active in the development of monitoring instruments, components and production processes.
  • Centre for resource efficiency
    We support companies as a competent partner who develops sustainable solutions for the optimisation of production processes and products.