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Making research and development projects a reality

Do you have an idea for a product, want to give your next product generation a crucial competitive advantage, or are you searching for a highly specific skill? By partnering with us, companies enrich their innovation projects with the latest results from research, using cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure.

Promoting innovation

Innovation is significantly promoted thanks to our edge in expertise and market-oriented product design. We thus view our research work as direct support for our industrial partners. Close contact allows us to adapt quickly to changes and needs. We offer you access to the funding agencies of the Swiss Confederation (Commission for Technology and Innovation - KTI) as well as the European Union, and advise you on market implementation. With these tools, you can substantially reduce the risk of failure.

 It is a fascination with technology and its visible results and advancements that drives us and fills us with enthusiasm.

We look forward to hearing from you

Step 1: Make contact

Get in touch with us. Our contact and technology transfer centre FITT is at your disposal. After an initial consultation in which we clarify the starting situation, we put you in contact with the experts in our institutes.

Step 2: Feasibility review, preliminary study

After an initial assessment of the task and ideas, you receive a proposal on how to proceed, tailored to your time and financial framework. Frequently, the project is divided into several stages, to minimise risk. We typically start with a preliminary study. Here, the feasibility and potential for success are clarified and the subsequent steps prepared.

Step 3: Applied research and development

If the project proves to be equally promising and innovative, the next phase is to search for and test solutions. Often, we can rely on funding institutions to cover a respectable portion of the costs. In Switzerland, the Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI) has established itself as an important and efficient institution. If project approval is given, this covers the costs of our institutes' work.

Rights to results, confidentiality

 Research projects should create a competitive advantage. Therefore, protection of the rights to the project results and the intellectual property, as well as confidentiality, are essential for you as a business partner. Both aspects are arranged in a cooperation agreement, which ensures a smooth transfer of the rights to implement and market the products.

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