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Double Degrees

Broaden your international learning experience – get two bachelor's degrees from two different universities

Double Degree (DD) programmes at bachelor's level will be implemented for the first time in autumn semester of 2024 at the FHNW School of Business. Double Degrees broaden students' knowledge in different business subjects and enable them to benefit from a remarkable international learning experience.   

​This programme enables students to pursue two academic degrees concurrently from two different universities, allowing them to specialise in a particular field of study or explore a new subject area. International double degrees, where qualifications are gained from more than one country, provide a unique opportunity for students to achieve a competitive advantage in a global business market. This programme is a unique opportunity for academic and personal growth. 

Double degree opportunities are open for FHNW School of Business students studying BSc Business Administration (International Management) and BSc Business Information Technology. Students enrolled in these programmes can either apply for a Double Degree or complete an exchange semester or take part in any other international opportunity. 

Why choose a Double Degree?

Benefits Double Degree

  1. Gain a diversified skill set by studying two different disciplines and broaden your knowledge.  
  2. Tailor your education to your interests and career goals. 
  3. Gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and develop valuable language skills that are essential in today's global economy.   
  4. ​Develop a broader worldview and learn to adapt to different situations and work effectively with people from all walks of life.   
  5. ​Enhance your competitive advantage in the Swiss and international job markets.  
  6. ​Expand your network which can be beneficial throughout one's career. 
  7. Open to new opportunities for further education and career growth.   
  8. ​Prepare yourself for an advanced degree and certification that can boost your career. 

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