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BSc in Business Administration (International Management)

International Management is the art of realising what is happening, seeing where your company is heading, preparing for change and having the right teams in place.

Your degree will prepare you for a successful career and enable you to understand how firms become and remain competitive in the dynamic international landscape. You will gain a foundation in business administration, such as finance & accounting, marketing, human resource management, organisational behaviour, information management & business analytics, supply chain management and logistics and acquire business management skills. You will also become proficient in management theories and techniques pertinent to managing a company and people in a multicultural business environment and enable you to address business challenges in a systematic and problem-oriented way.

The practical focus of the programme – including project work, business simulations and case studies – will deepen your appreciation of why, and how, the local adaptation of business and management concepts developed in other business environments is crucial for both local and international business. You will develop effective oral and written communication skills and intercultural and interpersonal communication skills that will ensure your ability to consider issues of diversity and to work successfully in global business contexts.


There are still a few places available on the programme. Enrolment is still possible, until further notice.


Areas of specialisation

In our bachelor’s programme, you can put together your own portfolio of studies from a broad range of specific and general core electives, areas of specialisation, and practical projects covering topics of your choice. You can choose to do your specialisation either in English or German.

Banking and Finance

The world of finance, capital markets and banking

to Banking and Finance

Compliance Management

Strategic success factor for good management

to Compliance Management

Corporate Communications

Conveying brands, products and services

to Corporate Communications

Digital Business and Value Networks

Digitalising and connecting the value creation chain with clients and suppliers

to Digital Business and Value Networks

Economic Psychology

Modern management requires psychological knowledge

to Economic Psychology


Founding a start-up

to Entrepreneurship

Financial Management and Auditing

Dynamic revision

to Financial Management and Auditing

Financial Management and Controlling

Your business partner in a company

to Financial Management and Controlling

Human Resource Management

Developing people and organisations for future challenges

to Human Resource Management

International Entrepreneurship

The wide world of entrepreneurship

to International Entrepreneurship

International Financial Management

International financial management skills are required in many areas

to International Financial Management


Launch offers with real customer value

to Marketing


Gaining international and cross-cultural experience

Studying International Management means studying in English, the international language of business. All communication – including lectures, assignments, and administration – is conducted in English.

As a full-time International Management student you will spend up to two semesters at one of our international partner universities. As a part-time student you are given the same opportunity, if your commitments allow, or you may choose from a number of other international experience options.

Study Abroad

You have the opportunity to spend up to two semesters at one of our 150 partner universities

Study Abroad

Study Guide

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Study Locations

FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 6 5210 Windisch
More information about the location

FHNW Campus Olten

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Von Roll-Strasse 10 4600 Olten
More information about the location
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