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The educational portfolio offered by the FHNW School of Education covers the full gamut of teacher education opportunities, ranging from pre-primary through to upper secondary education, as well as adult and continuing education. It also offers training in special-needs education and psychology, plus continuing education and counseling at all levels, as well as applied research and development. All its courses are modular and allow a high degree of individualisation and flexibility.

Comprehensive and attractive: Our educational portfolio

Pre-Primary and Early Primary Education

Graduates from this programme will be qualified to teach pre- and early primary children (i.e. four to nine-year-olds).

Primary Education

The study programme leads to a qualification that allows graduates to teach from Year 1 to Year 6 at primary school level, anywhere in Switzerland

Secondary Education I

The programme of studies leads to a qualification that enables teaching at all types of school at Secondary Level I (years 7 to 9).

Secondary Education II

The programme of studies leads to a qualification that enables teaching within the general school system at Secondary Level II. The qualification enables teaching in the subjects and areas studied.

BA in Speech and Language Therapy

The Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Therapy introduces students to the world of language and communication. Speech and Language therapists help children, young people and adults to overcome the barriers of communication with others and to develop their own powers of articulation.

MA in Special Needs Education

The master's degree in Special Needs Education opens the door on many different careers in the field of inclusive and special needs education.