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The FHNW is committed to sustainability in its teaching, research and organisation.

The FHNW is explicitly committed to sustainability and undertakes to act sustainably in the areas of energy, consumption, resource use, health, inclusion and equal opportunities. As a centre of education, research and development, the FHNW aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to tackle global problems and to act as a think tank and experimental space for social innovations. It trains future decision makers, leaders and multipliers who can influence social discourses in their thoughts and work and who can develop, offer and contribute solutions to a wide range of problems. To ensure the FHNW’s credibility, the FHNW requires a voluntary commitment that considers sustainability both as a concept for the organisation’s actions and as an issue in the implementation of its mandate.



Contact point for persons from Ukraine / Контактна особа для тих, хто прибув з України

The FHNW will do everything it can to support students, teachers and researchers at Ukrainian universities.
Information for refugee students and researchers from Ukraine. / Інформація для студентів та дослідників, які є біженцями з Україн


Starting autumn: cross-school module on the Sustainable Development Goals each semester

Following a successful pilot in spring 2022, a cross-school sustainability module will be offered every semester, commencing with the autumn semester – a more theoretical one in the autumn semester, enabling students to acquire knowledge in and work on the basics of sustainability and the SDGs, followed by one with a more practical approach in the spring semester. The modules will allow students to work together to develop solutions to the problems at hand. If they want, they can then submit their ideas for the Swiss Sustainability Challenge for a chance to win the Pax Sustainability Award. The two modules can be attended independently of each other. Further information.

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