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Specialisation Marketing

Understanding, winning and retaining customers


The area of specialisation lets you choose a focus within your studies. Register for the Bachelor in Business Administration (International Management) or the Bachelor in Betriebsökonomie.

Studying marketing helps you grasp consumer behaviour, strategic positioning, branding, innovative marketing technologies, product and service development, and of course, digital marketing communications. You'll learn to create powerful stories, spot market trends, develop new value propositions and run effective digital marketing campaigns boosting image and positioning of a company (or better products) in a constantly changing market. You will also explore the intricacies of international marketing, broadening your understanding of global markets and cultural nuances.

You are passionate about...

  • Understanding consumer behaviour and marketing trends
  • Developing marketing strategies and crafting compelling stories to create a strong positioning
  • Learning about digital marketing tools and novel marketing technologies

Career Opportunities

The Marketing specialisation will open the following career roles to you:

  • Marketing manager
  • Digital/online marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • Brand manager
  • Market analyst
  • Social media manager
  • Campaign manager

Direct insights into practice


Our experienced marketing lecturers deliver lectures that bridge theory with practical insights. Engage with industry professionals, including guest speakers from leading companies, enriching your learning journey with real-world applications.

Specialisation in Marketing

Studying marketing equips you to gain insight about customers and what motivates them, to develop strategic positioning, branding, and customer loyalty to maintain long-term viability. You will understand and evaluate the impact of transformative effects of marketing technologies such as mobile platforms, immersive reality, and artificial intelligence on marketing ecosystems. You will also learn what it needs to continuously develop product and service offering in line with customer needs and market trends. In addition, you will master marketing communications techniques and be able to design campaigns for traditional and digital media. You will learn to consider sustainability principles into marketing strategies which resonate with consumers, driving competitive advantage and increasing positive social impact.


Learning content reflects current issues, integrating new developments, and theories into lectures, workshops, case studies, real-word scenarios and hands-on exercises. Key focus areas are:

  • Marketing strategy development for organisational goals and competitiveness
  • International marketing principles for effective navigation of global market dynamics and cultural differences
  • Digital marketing techniques to leverage online platforms for maximum brand visibility
  • Marketing technologies such as mobile platforms, immersive reality and artificial intelligence on marketing ecosystems
  • Marketing communication to foster strong brand identity and loyalty
  • Product and service management principles to meet evolving consumer needs for long-term success
  • Sustainability practices are integrated for ethical and environmentally responsible business operations

Module description

ECTS Points: 20
Teaching Language: English

-BSc in Business Administration (International Management) - Area of specialisation Marketing
-BSc in Betriebsökonomie - Vertiefungsrichtung Marketing

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