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Product Management

This specialisation focuses on the tasks carried out throughout the different phases of a product in its life cycle, i.e. from the idea and development, market introduction and establishment through to internationalisation and replacement by the subsequent product. It shows the interactions and dependencies between one's own operational skills and resources, market and customer requirements and innovative technologies.

Product Management is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management degree programme.

The thematic focuses are:

  • Planning aspects and processes of product management
  • Types of market analysis, customer structures and customer behaviour as well as approaches to acquiring and retaining customers
  • Understanding of the effectiveness of business models and their further development with the possibilities of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, for example.
  • Discussing different corporate cultures for working in an international environment
  • Dealing with digital market strategies for innovative digital communication

The Product Management specialisation is a general study programme that covers the demands of the broad range of tasks of a product manager in modern companies.

"Product Management offered me a 360° view of the subject of marketing. It's anything but dry theory: the techniques and methods learned are lived in everyday working life and can decide whether to win or lose in the market. For me, PM was not only the first choice, it was also definitely the right one".

Peter Grüner, student