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Supply Chain & Production Management

Supply chain management considers the entire value-added network from raw material supplier to end consumer, regardless of national and company borders. In the specialization Supply Chain & Production Management you will learn the tasks of the elements of the supply chain and will be trained to become professionals for the planning and construction of supply chains.

Supply Chain & Production Management is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management degree programme.

A major focus of the deepening is on the linchpin of supply chains, production. Graduates have the skills to manage, plan and control production and to design entire production processes using digital technologies.

“As part of the Supply Chain Management major, I was able to learn what it means to consider a value chain from the perspective of an entire company. As a result, I now see process problems from different perspectives. With the tools I gained on the programme, today I can develop solutions that are comprehensively and sustainably effective.”

Micha Wilhelm, Student studying on a part-time basis while in employment

Focus on production and supply chains

The successful management of production and supply chains is more important than ever. In a globalised world, in-depth knowledge of the structure and organisation of supply chains in an international environment is essential. But the choice of production locations also plays a central role in ensuring that components and products are available in the required quality and time, and are reliably supplied.

A special focus is on the internal production and logistics processes in the supply chain. Central topics are the design of holistic lean production processes using digital planning and control systems. An important element here is the Digital Gemini. With its help, optimization potentials in production and logistics processes can be tapped and decisions can be made in real-time with the help of algorithms.

Thematic focuses

  • Planning the supply chain and its elements
  • Strategic and operational procurement logistics
  • Planning and simulation of material flow systems in production logistics
  • Strategic and operational distribution logistics
  • Design of production systems
  • Digital production management