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Chinese - Language and Culture

Do you want to build your intercultural skills and you are interested in Chinese language, culture and tradition? Then the HLS Chinese module could be for you. You will receive an introduction to Chinese language and culture, with emphasis on understanding the Chinese way of thinking.

Weimin Zhang is a lecturer and teaches the module at the FHNW School of Life Sciences.

The course covers basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar required for simple conversations about daily life. There is no need to learn Chinese characters as all written exercises are done in Pinyin, the Chinese alphabet. In addition, the cultural differences between China and the West are discussed, and traditions such as Chinese cuisine, music, festivals and family customs are introduced. China has a rich and diverse culture with a history dating back over 5,000 years.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my knowledge of Chinese language and culture with students and hope that this module will inspire them to learn more about this fascinating country.

Weimin Zhang, Lecturer

Of course, learning Chinese can be a challenge. "Chinese is a difficult language with its variety of tones, grammar and vocabulary structures" says Weimin. "Moreover, the cultural differences in the written and spoken language are noticeable." However, with the right learning method, these challenges can be overcome.

Participation brings many benefits: not just a first knowledge of the language, but also something of the history and customs of China and a new perspective on this fascinating country. The module also helps to develop intercultural communication skills, which are essential in today's interconnected world.

"I hope that more and more students will choose to take the Chinese Language/Culture module. With its relatively short duration, standard course teaching materials and the opportunity to sit official Chinese exams such as HSK (Level 1), this course can be a valuable addition to their academic portfolio."

FHNW School of Life Sciences

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