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Welcome to the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Several students from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT) have already taken the opportunity to complete a double degree at the HLS. They come from one of the best universities in the Czech Republic, known for its first-class research.

UCT Prague – a challenge that pays off

What I really like about my home university is its family-like environment. Being a student at UCT Prague means that you belong there; attending lectures and seminars and doing lab work is more than being buried in presentation slides and books.

Elizabeth Lensmith, Double Degree student from UCT Prague

Every year, several hundred international students come to the UCT on an exchange or for their whole degree course. In addition to its excellent reputation, the wonderful setting in the middle of Prague is also very attractive. The magnificent old city center alone is worth the trip but even if history and architecture aren't your thing, the capital of the Czech Republic, with its cultural riches, the beautiful Vltava River with its thirty bridges and the many gardens and parks, is a great place to visit.

Introducing Prague – Lonely Planet video guide

The Double Degree is only one of many possibilities offered by the close cooperation between the two institutions. HLS Students can spend a semester in Prague, write their BSc or MSc thesis at the UCT, do an internship or as mentioned take a double degree.

At UCT Prague, different nations and cultures come together. What international students report about their stay at UCT can be heard, seen and read here: International Student Experiences

The UCT Prague offers international students

My favorite place on the UCT campus is the state-of-the-art National Technical Library building where students from all over the city come to study. You can even book a study room for yourself. Visitors are allowed to drink and eat inside the library which makes it a very student-friendly environment!

Elizabeth Lensmith, Double Degree student from UCT Prague

Helpful information for your stay at the UCT:

We are happy to help you plan your stay at the UCT Prague!

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