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Double Degrees with the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT)

For MSc in Life Sciences students with the specialisation Bioanalytics, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Environmental Technologies or Pharmatechnology.

Selected Students enrolled in the MSc in Life Sciences will have the possibility to study one additional semester at UCT Prague and thus obtain two diplomas. The combination of degrees is especially helpful for students aiming to pursue a PhD.

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Programme Details

After having successfully completed the first two semesters of the MSc in Life Sciences, students of the FHNW School of Life Sciences can spend the third semester at the UCT Prague.

MSc Thesis

During the fourth semester, the MSc thesis is conducted under the auspices of the FHNW School of Life Sciences or the UCT Prague, depending on the MSc subject. The thesis of double-degree students is jointly supervised and evaluated by professors from both institutions. The viva for the MSc Thesis is combined with the Czech State Exam.


DD Specialisation Organic & Supramolecular Chemistry
DD Specialisation Chemical Engineering or Pharmatechnology
DD Specialisation Pharmatechnology, Bioanalytics or Biotechnology
DD Specialisation Environmental Technologies

Application process

Apply for the double degree programme by March 15th (for autumn semester) respectively September 15th (for spring semester) to Prof. Dr. Georg Lipps. A more detailed application process can be found on the MSc Moodle platform. Selected students will then be asked to submit an application to the UCT Prague by July 1st resp. December 1st. > Link Website.

Financial Support

Double degree students are eligible for the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) and may receive financial support.

Tuition Fee

Exchange students are not required to pay tuition fees at UCT. They stay registered at the FHNW and continue to pay their tuition to the FHNW.

University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

The UCT is one of the best universities in the Czech Republic and known for its first-class research. It lies in the middle of Prague surrounded by historical sites and architectural landmarks. Around 4000 students are accepted every year, several hundred of them come from abroad.

As in Switzerland, the academic year at UCT Prague is divided into two semesters: winter and summer. Start of studies for the double degree is September. For the current semester dates please consult the academic calendar at UCT.

More information on accommodation, student life, cost of living etc. can be found on the UCT website.

Contact at UCT Prague: Anna Eiflerová (aW5jb21pbmdAdnNjaHQuY3o=)

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Would you like to know more about UCT Prague?

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