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Become an expert in Bioanalytics.

Key data

Master of Science in Life Sciences
ECTS points
Studying mode
Full-time and part-time
School days
Monday to Friday
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Application fee
CHF 200


The deadline for applications for the autumn semester is 30 April of the relevant year and 30 November for the spring semester.

Students are given a comprehensive bioanalytical education allowing them to take over responsibility in research and development in analytical laboratories, medical laboratories, clinics, contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies. Modules cover the broad field of bioanalytics including the analysis of metabolites, environmental pollutants and proteins. More over high-throughput genome and RNA sequencing and the pharmacological and toxicological assessment of active pharmaceutical ingredients is addressed. Further modules focus on cellular and whole organism bioassays and the use of organ chips and tissue engineering for drug discovery.

The studies are concluded with an eight months long Master’s thesis which is usually carried out in a laboratory of a company. Alumni of the Master’s studies have ample theoretical and practical knowledge to start a career in research and development in companies or in specialized analytical laboratories.

The course offers lots of opportunities to meet new people and gain a foothold in the industry.

Timon Bussinger, Master's graduate



Graduates of the Master's Life Sciences with specialisation in Bioanalytics predominantly work in research and development, in technical development and production, in quality assurance and in project and product management.

Organisational information


Graduates with an excellent Bachelor's degree are admitted directly if they:

  • hold a Bachelor's degree in a related technical field from a university of applied sciences with a mark of A, B or ≥ 5 or an equivalent mark (≥ good)
  • or demonstrate an equivalent background (BSc) and practical experience
  • and have excellent English skills.

Prospective students who meet most but not all of the entry requirements are invited to interview.

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