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GEIGER – Cybersecurity for SMEs

Easy and affordable cybersecurity solution for small businesses

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Duration: June 2020–November 2022

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Businesses are increasingly going digital. This also increases the likelihood of cyber incidents.

It's crucial to be aware of your risks related to cybersecurity & data protection – and to take the right steps to reduce them. There are plenty of solutions available, but they don’t match the needs of small businesses that often have no IT expertise or resources to invest in costly solutions.

GEIGER, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 innovation project that is now turning into a startup, aims to close this gap. The project developed a ‘Geiger counter’ for cybersecurity, an easy-to-use and affordable cybersecurity solution small businesses. GEIGER also worked on building an ecosystem of competent individuals and organisations that offer help, by developing a standardised learning programme for ‘Security Defenders’.


Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion
Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion

Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems

Telephone +41 61 279 17 48 (direct)
Prof. Dr. Samuel Fricker
Prof. Dr. Samuel Fricker

Lecturer Requirements Engineering

Telephone +41 56 202 81 93 (direct)