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Dose optimization of inhibitors in older breat cancer patients

IMPlementing geriatric assessment for dose Optimization of CDK 4/6-inhibitors in older bReasT cAncer patieNTs

Current evidence from both randomized trials and real-world evidence studies suggests that older breast cancer patients derive clinical benefit from the addition of CDK 4/6 inhibitors to endocrine therapy but with a higher risk for adverse events and treatment discontinuation compared to younger patients. 

The IMPORTANT project will design and conduct a pragmatic clinical study in six countries with more than 500 older patients with advanced breast cancer. The aim is to optimise the dosation of inhibitors to minimise risks and optimise clinical benefits.

The FHNW’s comtribution

FHNW contributes with a clinical trial recruitment service that will be designed by the user experience and design experts of the Institute for Interactive Technologies of the FHNW School of Engineering. The improvements in treatment adherence will be delivered from holistic, patient-centric engagement mechanisms that are longitudinal and driven by data and data science also offering insights into the therapeutic efficacy and the performance of clinical trials.

Project details

Duration: 1.5.2023–30.4.2028

Funding programme: EU Horizon Europe (HORIZON-MISS-2022-CANCER-01)


Prof. Dr. Samuel Fricker
Prof. Dr. Samuel Fricker

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