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Prof. Gabriela Antener

Prof. Gabriela Antener

Prof. Gabriela Antener

Undergraduate and postgraduate education and work experience


  • 1985-1994: Masters Degree in Special Education, Education, Psychology at the University of Zurich, (Master of Arts)
  • 2012-2013: Certificate of Advanced Studies in Research in Social Studies (UZH FHNW)

Career milestones

  • 2018: Senior expert for three weeks in Mongolia, development of a curriculum for a continuing education programme (inclusion of children with disabilities)
  • 2016: Sabbatical for three months in Mongolia
  • Since 2010: Professor at the School of Social Work, FHNW in Olten
  • 1997-2012: Partner in the Office for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Zug
  • 2007-2010: Project head for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) in the Foundation for the Severely Disabled, Lucerne
  • 2001-2007: Lecturer at the School of Social Pedagogy, agogis, Zurich
  • 1994-2001: Early learning teacher for the Special Needs Education Services, Zug
  • 1988-2001: Course instructor in adult education for people with cognitive impairments, Bildungsclub Zug/Schwyz

Main focus

People in the context of disabilities and impairments, participation and accessibility for people with disabilities, especially for people with cognitive and/or communication impairments, supported communication, easy language, barrier-free information, barrier-free Internet, questioning of people with cognitive impairments

Teaching (BA programme in social work)

Lecturer and module head in the specialist area disability and impairment on the topics of disability, impairment, integration, participation, communication, supported communication

Research and development

See projects

Continuing education

Course development and leadership on the topics of supported communication, simple language, disability and participation


Implementation of expert knowledge in organisations for people with disabilities, counselling, in-house training, lectures, workshops, projects, expert opinions

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