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Innovative market offers and consumption

We investigate how offers, products, services and new technologies can be altered to meet the demands of consumers.

Our research deals with what consumers need, prefer, know and how they make decisions, so we incorporate the environment in which consumers use the offer. We identify relevant consumer segments and support the selection of suitable communication methods and channels. We are interested in issues including consumer decisions and behaviour in the areas of health, nutrition, sustainability, consumer goods, digital services and tourism.

Our core competences

  • We apply our knowledge from cognitive and social psychology, behavioural economics and behavioural finance. Therefore we can explain and predict how consumers make decisions and which factors influence their decisions and behaviour.
  • We are very familiar with the latest, psychologically sound methods and strategies to influence consumer behaviour.
  • We apply qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis, as appropriate to the task, to gain empirically sound knowledge which is also relevant in practice.
  • We work in an interdisciplinary way: we work together with experts from other disciplines (e.g. environmental scientists and economists) to find the best solution for the question.


Prof. Dr. Anne Herrmann Head of Institute for Market Supply and Consumer Decision-Making Telephone : +41 62 957 27 46 E-Mail :
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