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Human-AI Teaming in Manufacturing Parts Management

Interdisciplinary project to develop an AI-based assistant in logistics.

In this interdisciplinary project, a digital, AI-based assistant for B/C parts management in logistics is being developed. This is intended to facilitate the daily work of logistics and assembly employees and support them passively and actively in various decision-making situations. Passive support is provided at the request of the human. Active support consists of the independent generation of optimization suggestions by the digital assistant.

When designing the interaction between humans and digital assistants, a human-centered design approach is pursued that places humans and their needs at the center. The basis for this is a socio-technical system analysis.

Project Dates

Lead and TeamProf. Dr. Toni Wäfler (Leitung), Samira Hamouche
FundingInnosuisse – Schweizerische Agentur für Innovationsförderung
CollaborationSwitzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne AG, BOSSARD AG
Duration2021 - 2023