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Reliability, safety and security

Analysing, evaluating and shaping the interaction of people, technology and organisation for reliable and secure working processes

The use of technology and digitisation are rapidly increasing in many workplaces, resulting in even human work being changed. Sometimes it is made easier, but often working processes also become highly complex. Ensuring their reliability and security is becoming even more challenging as a result. It does not just require specialist staff. Rather, it is dependent on a smart combination of people, technology and organisation that can interact together to continuously promote the reliability and safety of working processes.

In our projects, we devise methods and solutions for analysing, evaluating and designing a smart synergy between people, technology and organisation. The goal is to combine people, technology and organisation in such a way that human strengths (such as practical knowledge or flexibility) are encouraged and human weaknesses (such as tiredness and difficulty concentrating) are intercepted. Therefore we attach great importance to interdisciplinary collaborations in practice and with other universities.

Selected Projects

Innovation 4.1

to Innovation 4.1

Successful implementation of databased services

to Successful implementation of databased services

Safety management platform

to Safety management platform


Prof. Dr. Katrin Fischer

to Prof. Dr. Katrin Fischer

Prof. Dr. Frank Ritz

to Prof. Dr. Frank Ritz

Prof. Dr. Adrian Schwaninger

to Prof. Dr. Adrian Schwaninger

Prof. Dr. Toni Wäfler

to Prof. Dr. Toni Wäfler
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