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Optimising SME personnel selection and development

Developing professional and innovative tools for selecting and developing employees.

The first part of this project included optimising the personnel selection process. The project started by conducting job requirement analyses to identify relevant competencies. The results of this analysis led to the development of two valid selection tools:

  • Firstly, a multimodal interview focusing on situational and biographical questions based on the previously identified competencies. The interview procedure also included the measurement of cognitive abilities - a novel approach to aptitude diagnostics.
  • Secondly, a work assessment procedure with standardised observation sheets for observing and evaluating the previously defined competencies.

Finally, a combination of both procedures delivers an overall assessment of the applicants and provides an ideal starting point for direct comparisons between them.

The second part of this project involved the development of a 360-degree feedback procedure based on the previously defined competencies. Together self-assessment and evaluations by significant others provide a differentiated insight into employees’ potential and build a sound basis for further personnel development measures.

As this new personnel selection and development process is tailored to the particular needs and circumstances of the SME, it facilitates the recruitment and subsequent advancement of talents that are of specific interest to the organisation.

Project Dates

Lead and Team Nadine Schneider (Lead), Sina Vögeli
SMEs from the canton of Solothurn
November 2018 - December 2021