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Electrical engineering

Competencies und Services

Aerosol Measurement Technology

Competencies in the development of field measurement technology for aerosol measurement.

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Communication Technology

We develop communication systems from the channel model to the finished system.

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Digital ASIC & FPGA Design

We implement digital functions from algorithms with signal processing to FPGA in VHDL, including simulation with test bench, requirement tracing, code checking ...

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Electrical Machines

Electrical and electromechanical energy converters like motors, generators, and transformers, play an important role in our energy supply system.

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Electricity market 2.0

Regenerative energy production | Smart grid | Energy storage | System modelling | Project development

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Embedded Systems

We develop smart solutions for a wide range of electronic applications.

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Mixed Signal ASIC Design

We combine the competences of analog and digital circuit technology.

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Power Control

We are a competence group offering system level solutions in control, optimization, and signal processing in the fields of power systems and energy conversion.

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Power Electronics and Drives

We develop, test, and optimize power electronic components and systems.

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Power Systems

Using modern simulation tools and state-of-the-art test facilities, we provide expertise for vendors and utilities on all grid levels.

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Sensor Technology

We develop sensor technologies as well as integrated sensor systems for industrial and research-related applications. We solve and optimize customer-specific ...

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Signal Processing

We develop signal-processing systems from the algorithm to the finished implementation.

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