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Electrical engineering

Competencies und Services

Aerosol measurement technology

Competencies in the development of field measurement technology for aerosol measurement

to Aerosol measurement technology

Communications and RF technology

Transmission technology for electrical signals is essential for many microelectronic systems, but it is also applied in discrete applications.

to Communications and RF technology

Digital ASIC & FPGA Design

We realize digital functions from algorithm with the digital signal processing to FPGA using VHDL, including simulation with Testbench, requirement tracing, ...

to Digital ASIC & FPGA Design

Electrical power engineering

We focus on efficient energy use, reliable and highly available systems and the clever incorporation of de-centralized energy generation.

to Electrical power engineering

Electricity market 2.0

Regenerative energy production | Smart grid | Energy storage | System modelling | Project development

to Electricity market 2.0

Integrated Embedded Systems

Embedded systems on modern FPGA families including logic functions and processor functions on the same chip become more and more important. Their development ...

to Integrated Embedded Systems

Mixed-Signal ASIC Design

Analog sensor-signals are received, amplified, processed, digitized and further processed until they can be passed to a overlying system.

to Mixed-Signal ASIC Design

Sensor technology

Development of customer-specific sensors

to Sensor technology

Signal Processing, Communication Technologies

Our mix of competencies allows us to develop and realize signal processing and communication systems from algorithm in Matlab and Python tot he complete ...

to Signal Processing, Communication Technologies
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