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Micro- and nano-technology

Competencies und Services

Polymer Chemistry and Analytics

We are experts in polymeric chemistry (thermoplastics, thermoset plastics and elastomers), chemical plastic modification and plastic-related analytics.

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Clean-room technology

The group at the Paul Scherrer Institute deals with the production of complex surface topographies up to the two-digit nanometre range.

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Surface functionalization

The Surface functionalization group deals with the chemical modification of polymer surfaces and interfaces to achieve tailor-made properties. In particular, ...

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Laser micro-machining

In the 3D field, we focus on microstructures, transparent materials, deep drilling and other applications.

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Polymer Processing and Sustainability

We conceive product and procedure innovations and develop them until they are ready for the market, focussing in particular on high-performance polymers and ...

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Surface texturing

We make use of micro- and nanostructures to provide polymers with an additional function without changing their composition. For this purpose, we develop tools ...

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