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Applied Circular Economy

The Applied Circular Economy group develops (bio)hydrometallurgical processes for the recovery of raw materials (metals and transition metals) from industrial waste.

(Bio)hydrometallurgical processes are understood to be processes, that use acidic, basic or complex-forming aqueous solutions. Our focus is on the recovery of so-called «critical raw materials». Although these are of great economic importance, they are subject to an uncertain supply situation.

Our aim is not only to increase the technical efficiency of recovery processes, but also to pursue an ecologically efficient approach. This involves recovering as many raw materials as possible with minimal environmental impact and cost. Our current economy still follows a largely linear approach based on the production of more and more primary raw materials. We want to actively contribute, in collaboration with industry, to the transition towards a circular economy that recycles raw materials and is based on environmentally friendly processes.

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Membrane Filtration for critical raw material recovery

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