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Projects of the Institute for Ecopreneurship.

Our Highlights

A water filter for emergencies

Clean drinking water is a luxury. In many parts of the world water is polluted and full of harmful bacteria; the problem is particularly acute during ...

to A water filter for emergencies

Treasures in production waste

Researchers at the School of Life Sciences FHNW (HLS) have developed a process for recovering the rare earth metal scandium from acidic industrial wastewater ...

to Treasures in production waste

Tailor-made membranes

Economic efficiency and environmental protection are often perceived as conflicting goals. Nevertheless, research shows that they can be combined if scarce ...

to Tailor-made membranes

Bacterial super-resistance decoded

Scientists and politicians agree: antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a major challenge for medicine, both now and in the future. The World Health Organization ...

to Bacterial super-resistance decoded

Using bacteria against crude oil spills

Crude oil spills are one of the greatest risks to the industrialised world. Oil spills in the sea are not only difficult to contain but also highly resistant ...

to Using bacteria against crude oil spills

500°C and potassium Methods

Sewage sludge produced during waste water purification contains not only biomass and pollutants but also precipitated phosphorus. By law, starting in 2026 this ...

to 500°C and potassium Methods

Our Research Fields

Applied Circular Economy

to Applied Circular Economy


to Ecotoxicology

Environmental and Water Technologies

to Environmental and Water Technologies

Environmental Biotechnology

to Environmental Biotechnology

Sustainable Resources Management

to Sustainable Resources Management

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Institute for Ecopreneurship

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Life Sciences, Institute for Ecopreneurship Hofackerstrasse 30 CH - 4132 Muttenz
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