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Polifonia sforzesca

The Motet Cycles in the Milanese Libroni: Between Liturgy, Devotion and Ducal Patronage

Following on from the previous SNSF-funded 'Motet Cycles Project', 'Polifonia sforzesca' focuses on the digitalisation of the repertoire of the motetti missalesof the Gaffurius Codices and their publication, together with the metadata. In doing so, all of the research findings on this music and the context in which it was performed will be made available online. Alongside this work, a new study will be undertaken on these manuscripts. The publication and digital reproductions of the manuscripts will be posted on the shared research portal, together with the 'Motet Cycles Database'. This new portal will also carry the digital archive, the critical edition, and a set of short monographic essays. This innovative research tool, interlinked with other online resources, will be open access and entirely searchable. It will interest not only musicologists but also students and scholars in various disciplines, including those specialising in the study of this music repertoire.

For further inflammations and details to the researching project see the website