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Neue Publikation: National Literacies in Education

Historical Reflections on the Nexus of Nations, National Identity, and Education


This edited volume provides an international overview of research on nationalism in education. In light of emerging neo-nationalism and national answers to global challenges, the book contributes to a growing and desperately needed discussion on how we can understand and deal with the involvement of education in phenomena of nations and nationalisms in school, curriculum, theory and research. In this book, internationally renowned scholars as well as doctoral students and postdocs from Asia, Europe, America, and Australia show how the history of education can theoretically and empirically deal with the concept(ion)s of nation and nationalism. 

Editors: Stephanie Fox und Lukas Boser 


Stephanie Fox und Lukas Boser: Engaging with National Literacies in Education

William F. Pinar: The Subjective Necessity of National Literacy 

Mette Buchardt: Forms of Confession Versus Forms of Governing. An Appraisal of a Double Analytical Concept as a Precondition for Educational Nationalism Research and Beyond 

Robert Cowen: Nations and Comparative Educations: Reflecting Comparatively on Pedagogies, Performances, and Politics 

Nicole Gotling: Answering the Call for Research on Nationalism and Education with International, Historical, Multi-case Discursive Studies 

Sophie Pia Stieger: Les Femmes Sont-Elles Françaises, Oui ou Non? Education, Political Exclusion, and the Question of Women’s National Identity in France 

Michèle Hofmann: Same But Different. Notions of ‘Feebleminded’ and ‘Imbecile’ Future Citizens in German-Speaking Countries at the Turn of the Twentieth Century 

Johannes Westberg: Reinventing the Link Between Education and the Nation via Imagination and Emotions: The National Literacy of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils 

Marva Shalev Marom: Kapara on You: National Literacy in Israel Between Judgment Day and Everyday Judgment 

Berit Karseth: Curriculum, National Identity, and National Literacy 

Kevser Muratović: ‘National Literacy’ in an Imperial Setting: The Strange Case of Istanbul’s Robert College 

Felicitas Acosta: National Literacy and Institutional Models: The Case of Colegios Nacionales in Argentina Between the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 

Ethan Hutt: Testing the Exception: The Curious Embrace of International Comparisons in American Education Discourse 

Nelli Piattoeva: Spectacular Digitalization: Exploring the Role of Discourse and Education Technologies in (Re)producing the Imagined Community of the Nation 

Hans Schildermans: What’s So New About ‘New’ Nationalism in Higher Education? 

David Labaree: Reflections on States, Schools, and National Literacies 

Stephanie Fox und Lukas Boser: The Multiple Perspectives on National Literacies


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