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23.4.2019 | Pädagogische Hochschule

Neue Publikation: School Acts and the Rise of Mass Schooling

Education Policy in the Long Nineteenth Century


  • Analyses school acts over the course of the nineteenth century
  • Examines the value, impact and purpose of school acts across 13 countries
  • Focuses on the manner in which school acts were embedded in their own historical, political and social contexts

This book examines school acts in the long nineteenth century, traditionally considered as milestones or landmarks in the process of achieving universal education. Guided by a strong interest in social, cultural, and economic history, the case studies featured in the book rethink the actual value, the impact, and the ostensible purpose of school acts. The thirteen national case studies focus on the manner in which school acts were embedded in their particular historical contexts, offering a comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of school acts and the role they played in the rise of mass schooling. Drawing together research from countries across the West, the editors and contributors analyse why these acts were passed, as well as their content and impact. This seminal collection will appeal to students and scholars of school acts and the history of mass schooling. Chapter 9 of this book is available open access under a CC BY 4.0 license at

Johannes Westberg, Lukas Boser, Ingrid Brühwiler (Eds.)

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