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Brugg-Windisch: Visit from České Budějovice

Ivana Vozabalova enjoyed Switzerland during her semester abroad with its beautiful landscape, cities and many different hiking opportunities.

Name: Ivana Vozabalova
Studies: Secondary education 1
Home University: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice


I decided to exchange because I want to learn new things and get to know new cultures. I chose FHNW for my exchange because I saw a big opportunity for me to learn something about education in Switzerland and I hoped to gain knowledge that I can use in my study and future job as a foreign language teacher. I wanted to know another type of education to use for preparing learning materials for my future students.

Visa or vaccinations weren't necessary, but I've been vaccinated because I think it's good for my health.

I was planning to go since I've started studying at the university (so for 2 years) unfortunately I had to wait one more year, because of Covid-19.


My journey was great because I arrived with my family, so we had a little family trip. Every Exchange student had a 'buddy', one of the local students who help us with everything. It was so nice, and the first days were easier.

Accommodation & Food and Drinks

I lived in the town with a swiss family, it was very helpful. It was about 20 minutes so I could walk and didn't have to take a bus or train. In FHNW is a Restaurant so I could go there to eat, it was great.

The University

The classes were very interesting for me, they were full of new and useful information. The teachers are very friendly, they explain everything very well. When I didn't understand something, they help me with that.

There were many events, so I met a lot of people. I've created new friends.

Local People

Swiss people are very nice and helpful. If you have a problem, just ask them or ask for help or advice. I love the language diversity in Switzerland that is incredible. This is a big difference from my home. I'm used to that many people speak only their native language or a little English.

Leisure Time

In Switzerland is so beautiful nature. In free time is definitely the best go out. You must spend some time in mountains, hiking and swimming in lakes and rivers. The best idea is to go on a trip with friends and take a train to one of the incredibly beautiful places. Go hiking, have a good lunch, don't forget your swimsuit and swim in the lake. For example, one of our trips was to Öschinensee. There were many hiking trails around the lake with a fantastic view and then you can swim. Of course, you cannot forget to visit the cities – Bern, Basel, Zürich, Lausanne, Geneve etc. There is so nice architecture and city life.

Personal conclusion

I was very satisfied, on a scale of 1-10 I chose 8. Looking back, I would try to be with people even more and more often.

My tip for other students is definitely to be a member of ESN FHNW. Take part in events, make new friends and have new experiences.

I learn new ways, how to teach. I want to transfer this knowledge to my students' teaching, to create a friendlier and more comfortable learning environment for them. This experience excited me so much that I am thinking about another exchange in the years to come.

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